An Evening With The Carsons


Recently I was lucky enough to enjoy my first Home Concert. If you’ve never had the privilege, let me enlighten you. The way it was first described to me was pretty apt. “It’s just like a regular concert, only smaller,” Jason Carson quipped as we were introduced. Jason is one half of an exceptionally engaging duo that call themselves The Carsons. His wife, Misty, makes up the other half. One of the great things about this home concert experience was the fact that I was able to spend some time getting to know the artists involved in a comfortable, intimate setting. The concert was hosted in the home of a friend, and the “crowd” for this show was all of eleven people. While your initial thought might be that isn’t much of a crowd, I can tell you that it was the perfect size for the venue. We were able to chat over appetizers before they began to play, and again afterwards as well. It isn’t often you get access to artists like that. What an opportunity to learn about them as people. It made their music that much more meaningful.

There’s something pure about a voice and an acoustic guitar. Bring in a little harmony and that purity turns into a religious experience.... ---->To Read The Full Story Click Here

Melted Bumpers and the Mojave Desert

If you've seen us on the road you know our tour bus is really a tiny white Toyota Yaris with almost 300,000 miles on the odometer. Jason takes great care of the car and always makes sure we are safe on the road, but this particular trip something happened we just couldn't have planned on. This week on our way to California, just outside of Vegas things got a little crazy. First, our GPS went haywire and sent us to a random intersection the Vegas suburbs. Then, we stopped at a gas station where they didn't allow anyone to use the restrooms. In a frustrated hurry to leave and get on the road to another station we forgot to get our change for our gas. Then, the next place we stop the bathrooms were out of order. We finally drove across the street to a place with working restrooms and as we came out of the station we noticed our bumper was almost touching the ground!!! It had literally started melting in two and was almost dragging on the ground. Luckily, Jason had packed duct tape, but it wasn't quite enough to cover the whole hear the rest of the story be sure and watch our video on this page.

Don't worry we made it to California in once piece (even the bumper) and should be all set to finish out our tour. We are looking forward to our house concert here in Orange County this weekend! 

Summer Tour - Update from Fish Lake

So far we've been having a lot of fun on our Summer tour! We started in Texas, made our way to Arizona (where we played some killer house concerts) and then we traveled to Utah for a week off. Jason's grandma, Carolyn, had a great idea to head north for a bit to escape the heat. So..we ventured to Fish Lake National Forest. We decided to climb a mountain and traverse the trail around the ENTIRE lake. It turned out we hiked 16 miles. Our feet were tired but we had a wonderful time and even got to see some wildflowers! We also got to learn about Jason's ancestor, Kit you know where he gets his sense of adventure from! 

Be sure a watch our video to hear more about our trip!

The Carsons EP Released Today

The Carsons EP
Gotta Have This!

Starting April 8, 2016 The Carsons EP will be available for sale exclusively on their website. Anyone who orders a copy will also be sent a digital download of the album and a never released bonus track. This collection of songs covers a wide range of emotions and stories. Sit back and enjoy a little bit of vintage country. 

Listen to a sample of The Carsons EP here!

The Nashville Experience

The first weekend in March, Jason and Misty will host a small group of singer-songwriters from various states around the country for a 3-day boot camp. The camp will focus on songwriting essentials, voice lessons, and offer a basic overview of the music business. 

The attendees will be engaged in:

  • Learning the Songwriting Process
  • Co-Writing 
  • Taking Voice Lessons
  • Career Consultation
  • Visiting The Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Attending a songwriting event with John Berry
  • Practicing on-camera interview skills
  • And more!

Food For the Hungry Update 2

Donate Now

We found out where we are headed in January!!! Nicaragua! We are so excited to go on this trip with some other independent artists who also work with FFTH to end poverty world wide. Join us in our mission by supporting out trip today. We are only $200 shy from our goal! 


Food For the Hungry Trip


The Carsons are a proud supporter of the international organization, Food For the Hungry. They were just asked to join on an upcoming trip where they will get to visit a FH community and meet their sponsored child. They will be posting blog updates as the trip gets closer. If you'd like to donate to their trip please click on the button below. 

Donate To the Carsons Travel Fund

Carson Creative artist, Angelica, finishes debut EP

The Carsons spent the whole month of September working with up and coming independent artist, Angelica Robinson. For 5 weeks Jason and Misty mentored Angelica with Voice lessons, Guitar lessons, and Songwriting Development. During this process they also recorded her debut EP "Where I'm From." Angelica's EP was released October 24th and she celebrated with a big album release party at The Twisted Taco in her hometown of Fayetteville, Georgia! 

To learn more about Carson Creative Services Click Here.

Vanderbilt Homecoming

The Carsons were on the judges panel to determine this year's opening act for Vanderbilt's Homecoming Block Party with Aaron Carter. Big congratulations and best of luck to acoustic, Americana band "The Canded"! The band will be opening for Aaron Carter Thursday, October 21st at Vanderbilt University. 

The Carsons Teach first Singing Clinic at the Country Music Hall of Fame


Saturday, October 10th marked the first ever singing clinic in the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Misty and Jason helped a group of children and adults from all over the country learn more about breathing techniques, confidence on stage, and how to have a stronger voice. The Singing Clinic was put on as an exhibit by the Youth and Family programs at the Hall. For more information about private voice lessons check out The Carson's Mentorship Page


Oasis Center

Misty Rae and Jason Carson spent the last 2 weeks teaching a songwriting class in conjunction with The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Oasis Center in Nashville. The class consisted of about 12 young men who were part of Oasis' Center's The Real Program. R.E.A.L offers youth a way out through creative arts, diverse education, personal mentoring, and communtiy action, with a goal of reducing recidivism. Each participant wrote a song and some performed the songs at their graduation ceremony. 

Our Little Miss

The Carson's spent the Fourth of July in the Twin Cities with talent and beauty competition, Our Little Miss. Jason and Misty were asked to come to the event as celebrity judges for the week long competition. They met young talent from all over the world and even got to perform at The Mall of America Hard Rock Cafe! 

San Saba Recap

Every summer The Carsons travel to San Saba, TX and spend a week teaching private lessons to kids at the Performance Talent community. This year, they also did a Help Me Start session with a group of young songwriters where the co-wrote a song called "Upside Down." While in San Saba they also performed at a few local spots including Diggs and Oliver and Co and did a little radio local radio show too! The Carsons can't wait to get back next year and enjoy some Texas Pecans!