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Hi, we’re The Carsons!

I’m Jason…and I’m Misty…and we’re The Carsons!

To best get to know us you would probably need to spend a few hours on our porch with a cup of Jason’s freshly pressed coffee and a couple of guitars, but since we're having this introduction in cyberspace, here's the short version. We are two Nashville transplants that met playing writer's rounds in Music City, became friends and co-writers, then a little more, and were married in hills of TN during the fall of 2011.



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the little white yaris

The third member of our duo is Lucky and she is a 2008 Toyota Yaris. She has taken us over 327,000 miles to date and continues to safely take us from coast to coast. Since our first radio tour in 2014, we have traveled together in our little tin can. We like to call it built in marriage counseling, but truthfully we love the close quarters and the chance to see this amazing country together.




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the stories

You won’t find us playing huge theaters or downtown honky-tonks. Instead, you’ll likely find us in a cozy living room or backyard with about 20-30 people. When we sing, we simply sing our story. Every song is linked to our life in some way. Our shows take you through Misty’s childhood of playing Texas Opry Houses, Jason’s Mickey Mouse Club days and the ups and downs of our Nashville dream. We also share how music has led us to a unique partnership with Food for the Hungry and love for the people of Nicaragua.




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the music

We currently only offer our music at our live shows and on our website. We record everything in our home studio in Franklin and then personally hand design each physical project we sell. When you purchase one of our CDs, not only will you have one of our creations but you will also immediately have access to a link to download our music into your own digital library.